Costs of Living at Cosawes

Park Home living is very affordable. Council Tax is on the lowest band and bulk purchasing of electricity and oil mean that savings can be made compared to living in a private property elsewhere.  Cosawes staff are happy to quote for garden or property maintenance if you need it at any time. Food deliveries from supermarkets and visits from local hairdressers, health visitors, etc. are available.

Many choose Park Home living to free up the equity in their former ‘bricks and mortar’ property. Downsizing is a choice which appeals to those who want to ease the burden of caring for a larger home or just wish to spend time and money doing other things.

couple in kitchen

Here are a few figures that we have worked out which might help you to assess the cost of living at Cosawes. This is a rough guide, based on two persons residing, current fuel prices, pitch fees and usage by an average home at 1st August 2019. One person is entitled to 25% council tax reduction and will pay less water/sewage charges.

Pitch fees are charged quarterly in advance by Cosawes Park. We supply water and electricity to all homes. As a bulk purchaser of both, we can negotiate discounted rates and Cosawes is obliged, by law, to pass the benefit on to the residents. We also run an heating oil club, frequency by demand, to buy in bulk. This results in significant savings for the members. Bottled gas is available through Cosawes for your convenience.

Pitch fee

Payable to Cosawes
£2458 £615 £205 £47
Council Tax

Payable to Council
£1192 £298 £99 £23

Payable quarterly
(Inc’ Government £50 contribution)
£500 £125 £42 £10

Payable quarterly. All homes metered
£353 £88 £29 £7
Heating oil

Payable direct to supplier of your choice
£870 £218 £72 £17
Total £5373 £1344 £447 £104

Storage/Garage Facilities are available to rent:

Open – £34 per quarter
Lock up – £175 per quarter